I have been reflecting on the last few months since I started here at Grace Church. Yes, it is hard to believe but March 4 will mark the third month since I started as lead pastor at Grace Church. And since I was in bed with a cold the last 24 hours, it gave me a lot of time to think about the events that have transpired in this relatively short period of time.

First, on the home front. Naza and I are happy to be together under the same roof. Yes, there are many unopened boxes lying around parts of the house, but we are taking our time, after all, we are still eagerly awaiting the sale of our home in Ohio so we can make more permanent plans for housing here. Naza keeps looking for that ideal place, which we know is out there, but we are not going to do anything until our house sells. More prayers, please!

During the short time I have been here, I have spent a lot of time bringing our staff together, working to clarify vision, and giving definition to the specific roles each staff member needs to play. We had a retreat, did some assessments, and spent much time in prayer and conversations about what our different jobs need to be as we move forward with the mission God has given our church. This mission, which we are working hard to clarify, obviously has to do with reaching men, women and children for Christ. There is no secret about that.

We also desire to grow in our love for God and His Son, the Lord Jesus. And I hope you have sensed this as we have sought to bring the Word of God to the forefront of everything we do, including our series on Sunday morning. I started with a series on the words of angels during the events surrounding the Birth of Christ, then moved into a series about the Church as the hope of the world, and just last Sunday we finished a series on the little Old Testament book of Haggai.

I hope you have been challenged to consider where you stand with God throughout these messages. My desire is for all of us to have a vision for God’s glory in our midst. If we pursue God with all our hearts and allow Him to have His way, this place where God resides (meaning us, the living church) will ignite with a renewed vision and enthusiasm for God and the people who have yet to come to Him. Then we will see this physical place we call “Grace Church” ignite with an unprecedented enthusiasm for God and the people we have yet to reach.

Another task I have taken on during this time is the leadership of the Lititz Christian School-Grace Church dynamics. I have come at this with my eyes wide open, fully expecting that from now on, this becomes “my problem” as well. But I am also certain that God does not intend for us to fail. And I intend to lead our ministry in a way that brings unity, cohesiveness and complimentary efforts between the Church and School. I see the School representing a vital arm of the church in reaching out to families in our community. And I will do everything I can to integrate the School into the life of the Church. Please pray for me and everyone involved in this process. I guarantee you: it is not an easy task, but with God I believe we will succeed.

Thank you to all of you who have come to me and shared your story of how God is bringing you to a place of healing after years of turmoil inside your heart. This is NOT my doing, it is the Spirit of God working in our midst. Please open your eyes and consider where God would place you in His service here at Grace Church.

And don’t forget to join us this Sunday at Grace, as we launch a new series we’re calling “Time to Celebrate.” This Sunday your heart will be moved as we celebrate children. Come and hear once again why it is vitally important that we continue to invest in the lives of the little ones Jesus loved so much. Hope to see you there!

Pastor Ivanildo C. Trindade