Guest writer: Sue Weaver

These heartbreaking words came through my phone: “my unbelieving spouse wants us to be separated, I want to stay, and spouse says that’s okay if freedom is granted, but now –except for our child–we have separate lives. Will staying help my spouse to see Truth? How can I build the spiritual future of my child?   Can I survive this loneliness?”

What to say? And even more, what to think about wounds that life can bring? In our summer book Desiring God, on page 36, I found this balm for my troubled thoughts:

The hardened disobedience of men’s hearts leads not to the frustration of God’s plans, but to their fruition.

And this salve on the following page:

God’s sovereignty over men’s affairs is not compromised even by the reality of sin and evil in the world.

Trust is always reasonable! God is not blindsided by any detail of any life. He is putting all things together in his overarching, saving plan. He makes all things work together for His glory. He has designed from all eternity, and is infallibly informing with every event, a magnificent mosaic of redemptive history. The contemplation of this mosaic (with both its dark and bright tiles) fills His heart with joy. (page 40)

~Guest writer: Sue Weaver~