Guest writer: Sue Weaver

If Chapter 4 Were Bumper Stickers…

  • Real Love = Real Gain
  • Fleeting Pleasures: the Enemy of Joy
  • Love What God Loves
  • Love is the Victory of Grace
  • Break the Bondage of Private Pleasures
  • Love Is Costly
  • The Source of Love is Joy

Source of Joy

  • No Disinterested Benevolence

No Disinterested Benevolence

  • Believe Jesus? Give>Receive

Believe Jesus

  • Refuse to Settle for Prosperity and Comfort

Refused to Settle

  • Go for Eternal

Go for Eternal

  • The Gain Outweighs The Pain

Gain Outweighs Pain

  • Lose Property, Gain Joy

Lose Property

  • Your Power Co: God Increasing in You

Your Power Company

Guest writer: Sue Weaver