Here is a thumbnail sketch of chats last week about Desiring God.

While enjoying a cookout Saturday, I discovered that Ken and Kathy Keener are both reading Desiring God. She is very much enjoying Piper’s thoughts; he, some less. He finds it difficult to connect with the book; she is encouraged by Piper’s validation of joy — the kind of joy that comes from trusting God and focusing on His sovereignty, even when circumstances are dark. She said that people tend to think remaining joyful means you don’t understand the seriousness of a situation. But to Kathy, joy in hard times indicates focusing on the eternal value of a situation rather than on the circumstances themselves.

On Sunday, chatting with Sandy Reist and Dot Myer, I realized that they’re also both reading Desiring God. Interestingly, Sandy’s comments were much like Ken’s — it’s hard going — and Dot’s mirrored Kathy’s comments — she’s liking it. Dot characterized the book as thought-provoking and encouraging;  like a lens through which life is viewed in eternal and heaven-focused perspective.

Score: 2 for 2
2 – The book is hard
2 – I’m loving it