Southeast Asia 2013

One of the highlights of these trips is to sit under the feet of people like Pastor Savorn and his wife, Sony. They are working to rescue children here in Cambodia. To date they have rescued over 300 children who now live in 14 different homes in Phnom Penh and Battambang.

Sony gave her life to Jesus and had to make a hard choice: either stay with this Jesus or be forced to leave the home of her uncle who was her sole supporter. Well, needless to say, she chose Jesus and had to pay the consequences in hardship and rejection. But through it all, she never thought she made the wrong decision because God has blessed her. Now she and her husband work full time rescuing children for God.

Savorn was 9 years old when the Khmer Rouge took power by force. He and thousands of other children were brainwashed against their parents. One time, he reported them for stashing and eating some rice in secret, he almost got them killed.

Savorn worked the fields during the day and returned home at night to sleep with his family. Food was always in severe shortage and they were all too skinny. With time, Savorn would lose many of his relatives and friends, but today he recognizes that it was the hardships he endured that finally brought him to Christ.

Savorn and Sony

Savorn is a humble man. We would never know he is involved with a ministry that is doing so much to bring light into the darkness that for too long has gripped this country. The children in these homes give me high hope for a Cambodia that will care for the needs of the least of these.

And I’m left praying. “God, please give me a humble spirit to receive from you blessings and challenges and not think that I should somehow be immune from hardships. Grant me faithfulness to walk joyfully with you to the very end.”

Pastor Ivanildo C. Trindade (reporting from Cambodia)