Fresh Wind Graphic
Summer Reading Challenge. Chapter 4 Commentary.

I will never forget the tremendous impact chapter four of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire had on me when I first read it several years ago.  I was no less stirred by it upon rereading it recently.  The account of Jim Cymbala’s prodigal daughter and her return to the Lord and the role prayer played in her return should be read by every believer.

Several important factors in this account are noteworthy in their universal application to our own practice of intercessory prayer whether as individuals or corporately.

First, there was the recognition by Pastor Cymbala after two and a half years of struggling with his daughter’s waywardness that he could not fix the problem himself. Have we come to that same position of humility in our own struggles?

Second, there is the sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading exhibited by the young woman who sent the note to Pastor Cymbala in the middle of a prayer meeting sharing her conviction that they should stop the meeting and all pray for the Pastor’s daughter.  How sensitive are we to the things about which God through His Spirit is speaking to us?

Third, there is the passion in prayer exhibited by the congregation as they interceded literally with groaning and, as Pastor Cymbala describes it, “a sense of desperate determination…”  Have we experienced such passion in prayer that we have called upon the Spirit to help us intercede as He will according to Romans 8:26?

Finally, there is the settled peace experienced by Pastor Cymbala as he was convinced in his spirit that God would honor the desperate intercessory prayer of his people.  And He did!  If you are not reading this book, get it now and see how God worked an incredible miracle within thirty two hours!

This would be a good place for me to stop but I feel compelled to address those who are saying, “That’s all great, but what about me and the desperate prayer I have been praying for years?”  While there is not space here for a complete answer, let me recommend the one page devotional God’s Silence—Then What? in My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  It is the devotional for October 11 and while it may not fully answer all your questions, I have found it helpful in my own experiences with “unanswered” prayers.

Linford Youndt