Prayer series
I rarely get the chance to think on any one topic for a long period of time. Running from one thing to the next allows me the chance to do a lot of things…except ponder. This weekend we are going to be studying Acts 4 and what it means to be BOLD.

In the last few days God keeps laying on my heart this relationship of being bold and being obedient. Christ did the will of the Father when He died on the cross. As Christians our acts of obedience may often come across to others as bold acts. Following Christ is so counter to our culture that the simplest of acts of obedience to Him may be viewed as bold.

I am so glad that we have Gods Word to give us great examples of those who were bold in their faith. When I was younger, stepping out of my comfort zone seemed like such a big thing. This Sunday we look at the relationship between obedience and boldness.

~ Pastor Jeremiah Kleylein