“Never despise small beginnings.” You’ve heard the saying. But have you thought about how it applies to your reading of Scriptures. Years ago I did a re-reading of the Bible looking for a different view, for stuff I had missed, for hidden treasures and pearls of wisdom so obvious to the eye that my head may have missed them.

Specifically, I wanted to do a reading that purposely avoided the obvious “heroes” of the Bible. And to my amazement, I discovered people lying beneath the surface that I never knew were there. I gave them names, like “the other Micah,” “the other Obadiah,” “the insolent slave,” etc. But of all the people I found, none matched in obscurity and heroism a woman by the name of Jehosheba (2 Kings 11; 2 Chronicles 22). Yes, I understand you may never have heard of her. Neither had I until I did my “lateral” reading of the Bible.

She is one of those little people of Scriptures who enter their pages and leave so quickly you hardly have time to notice. They make no fanfare, command no army, lead no flock, compose no song or words of wisdom. They perform no miracle, write no books, receive no praise. These people look invisible and unless you are paying attention, you will miss the significance of what they did. How many of you have heard a sermon on Jehosheba?

Well, this Sunday you will. She was a woman living at a time when women were considered less than human, merely an insurance policy whose worth and only worth was found in producing heirs, male heirs that is… She was also part of a small minority that worshipped the true God in the midst of the most blatant apostasy ever instituted in the nation of Israel. Every day those who still kept their faith in God were in danger of being killed or forever shunned by the armies of Baal worshippers sponsored by King Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

It was also a time of unprecedented violence throughout the nation, as Ahab killed his enemies and eventually God took revenge on Ahab, Jezebel, all their family and the prophets of Baal that had polluted the land. Then an evil queen by the name of Athaliah usurped power in Judah and proceeded to kill every descendant of the royal family of David, including some of her own grandchildren.

Into this bloodstained page of the history of Israel walks a totally unknown person who at great risk took it upon herself to save the last remaining descendant of David, through whom the Messiah would eventually come. His name was Joash. When you think of the audacity of Jehosheba’s plan, and the likelihood that it would fail, you have to believe that this obscure woman was aware of what was at stake — God’s redemptive plan for mankind.

Being the wife of a high priest, she was a woman who understood Scriptures. She was not willing to let salvation be put on hold, so she risked everything for the sake of God and His idea that one day the Messiah would come through the family of David. And by the grace of God, the plan worked, the Kingdom was saved and God went back to the office the next day to continue His job saving the world… :). All because of the courage of a woman no one had ever heard about before and few have ever since.

There are times that we are also called to risk everything for the sake of the Gospel. Will you be intimidated by how “insignificant” you are? Will you only think of the obstacles? Or will you be ready when your time comes?

Pastor Ivanildo C. Trindade